February Photo Challenge

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 28 Comments

Time for another Photo Challenge month! Malu & I came up with the themes. The rules are simple: you take one photo each day, but are free to choose a theme out of the list. That way, on February 28th, you'll have 28 pictures of the 28 themes. It's as simple as that.

photo made by me

Do you want to participate in this challenge? The more participants, the merrier! If you do, please leave a link to your blog via Mr. Linky down below.

Extra info

» I'll blog about the pictures I made once a week. If you want to blog about them daily or just at the end of the month, that's fine too!

» The hashtag you can use on Twitter, Instagram, … is #febphotochallenge2014.

» If you want to share the challenge, please do! You can copy paste this code onto your blog to let the world know you're participating! (By adjusting the width="" value, you can make it fit in your blog!)
February photo challenge

» Neem je het plaatje en de link liever over in het Nederlands? Dat kan ook! Je kan de code in het vakje hieronder kopiĆ«ren en plakken in je blog. Zo weten je bloglezers dat je meedoet aan deze uitdaging! (Door de width=""-waarde aan te passen, kan je de afbeelding gemakkelijk in je blog laten passen!)
February photo challenge

I'm excited! Good luck everyone!


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