DIY: carve your own stamps

Monday, May 28, 2012 , , 31 Comments

Some of you requested a little tutorial since I dedicated a blogpost to the stamps I made. So here it is, round of applause for me please :)

Things you'll need:

» eraser
» lino-cutting-tools (can be found at your local craft shop)
» pencil
» piece of paper (preferably tracing paper)

Let's get started!

1. Gather the materials you'll need. As you can tell from the pictures, the lino-cutting-tool comes in different shapes. For small stamps (like the one I'll be making for this tutorial) I usually use the two smallest tips.

2. Draw the design for your stamp. I decided a cat would do. Once you're happy with it, trace it onto your eraser. (Just put the eraser on your desk, the drawing on top and rub over your design with the back of a pencil)

3. Use the smallest tip from your cutting tool and begin carving out/tracing around the outside edge of your design. A little tip: the harder you press, the deeper your cuts are going to be! So it's best to start out by treating your eraser really gently by not pushing too hard.

4. Carefully carve out the inside of your design.

5. Get inky and try out your freshly made stamp on a scrap piece of paper. As you can see here I still had to fix some parts.

6. All done, miauw! How do you like my new cat stamp?

The final (and probably best) tip I'll give you is: practice, practice, practice!

If you still encounter problems when it comes to carving, go check out this blog post. (I consider the woman behind the blog, Ishtar Olivera, thé stamp carving GODDESS)


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